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The Policemen’s Benevolent Association of Westchester County, Incorporated, originated in 1908, when a few far-sighted police officers formed a countywide Association known as “The Westchester County Police Protective Association.”  By a rule approved on June 10, 1913, the Association succeeded in having the Civil Service Commission of the State extend the Civil Service Law to officers, places and employments in the Police Departments of the Villages and Towns of Westchester County.  This gave the Organization a great impetus and the current  Organization was created and incorporated in June, 1914 under the name: The Policemen’s Benevolent Association of Westchester County, Incorporated. 
  The Organization originally contained members of every City, Village and Town in Westchester County .  However, in recent years local police departments have formed their own associations.  All police officers, regardless of other affiliations with other organizations, may become members of this Association.  Monthly meetings, at which there is a harmonious exchange of ideas and valuable information between members, instills a spirit of cooperation between departments.  The Association continues to offer a retirement benefit or an on the job death benefit, as well as other personal advantages which the members secure by payment of dues and maintaining a good standing in their departments. 
  The work of this Association has attracted and made many friends.  At all social meetings conducted by the Association, the members continue to acquaint each other with the work and the objectives of the Association.  The relationship between the public and the members has been most friendly and cooperative.  
  The P.B.A. Of Westchester County welcomes all police officers that would be interested in becoming members.